How to Choose The Right Lash Technician

by Emma Hobbs
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Its not always easy finding the right lash technician or the right place to come for eyelash extension training.  Here are some key steps to help guide you:

ClustersCertification     Ask if the Lash Technician is Certified, and where she/he took the course.  Was it on YouTube, or was it by an accredited training facility.  We have done many removals for sets that were done by a lash technician who had received no formal training, but was taught by a “co-worker”.  Lashes are not isolated properly, and this results in damaged natural lashes.

Experience   How much Experience do they have?  Is this their first set, or their hundredth set?  Many spas or nail salons will offer lash extensions, but it is not their focus.  If they don’t have a lot of experience, ask how they keep up to date with the latest innovations in lashes.  Do they have a lot of repeat clientele?

Mink vs Cluster   Are they using Individual Lashes (Mink) or Clusters.  Many salons and beauty schools still use clusters.  These are extremely damaging to wear, as they are glued onto multiple lashes at once.  While clusters are cheaper than Mink Lashes, they will pluck your natural lashes and leave severe damage.

Hygiene   You only have one pair of eyes … Make sure that the lash studio is clean and free from lint and dirt that could be trapped in your lashes.  Durham regulations require all surfaces to be “Non Porous” or covered with Paper.  Tools should be sterilized in Alchol or a Chemosterilant.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and RUN if they are hesitant to show you how clean their studio is.  It should be a source of pride!

Pictures   Pictures never lie.   Ask for before and after photos of their work (not stock photo they took from the internet).  Lashes should be evenly placed, and their should be no lashes glued together.  Lashes should appear in multiple lenghts, from shorter inner lashes to a nice overall design.

Once you find a lash technician you love …. NEVER LEAVE!

Sandra Hobbs
Owner/Lead Trainer
Lashes By Design
Whitby Ontario

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