Eyelash Extensions Are the New Mani/Pedi

by Emma Hobbs
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Chances are that if you are reading this, you already have a friend, a sister, a mother, a daughter, or even a granddaughter who is regularly getting her lashes done.  When we first started doing lashes in 2013, we had to explain to clients what we do.  Guys looked at us with a baffled look on their face, and women were intrigued.

Today, Eyelash Extensions are SO popular that most women have either had it done, or are thinking about having it done.  So how does this whole thing work?

Choose Your Salon CAREFULLY
10690029_590843807614529_171861913543411583_nMake sure that you are visiting a reputable salon.  Do they have the “Green” pass from the Health Department?  Next, make sure that they are doing individual lash extensions (sometimes called Mink Lashes) and not clusters/flares.  Do they post their pictures or reviews of their work?  Do they have a lot of repeat business or any Customer Awards?  Always ask to see the product that they are using – is it Health Canada Approved.  At Lashes By Design, we have long worked proactively with the Health Department and Health Canada to ensure that we are the leaders in a clean and safe work environment.

All too often we do removals of lash extensions from other salons that have used everything from nail glue to hair glue on people’s eyes.  That is very very very concerning.  We also see a lot of work that is damaging to lashes because they used too much adhesive, too long a lash, or they used clusters/flares.

At Lashes By Design, we have been nominated Top Spa and we continue to serve the community as educators and lashers in Damage Free Lashing.   We stand by our products and our Certified Lashers so much that we even offer a guarantee on the work that we do.


Choose Your Desired Look

Emily - Classic Set - $130

Emily – Classic Set – $130

Decide if you like your lashes to look natural or really dramatic.  Many customers come in with a picture to show the artist what they are looking for.  Our pro tip is to start smaller than you want so that you have a chance to get used to the look.  The shorter

your lash, the fuller and thicker they will look.  Think of a dozen long stem roses.  When they are super long, they spread out.  If you cut the stems and put them in a smaller vase, the the roses will look fuller and more dense.


Fill in Your Health Questionnaire

Your artist will want to know a little more about your medications, your allergies, and anything else that might interfere with the process.  This will take very little time but is time well spent to minimize the chance of allergic reactions.


Your artist will guide you to your treatment table and help you get comfy.  The process will take up to 2 hours, although several of the Master Lashers can do it in half the time.  The number of natural lashes you have will also impact how long it takes, as the lashes will be applied one by one.  If your artist has any concerns about the health of your lashes, they may take a picture and show you.  Your artist will clean your lashes with our Trademarked Lash Shampoo, and then apply protective Gel Pads underneath your eyes.  Keep your eyes closed until your artist tells you to open them.  If you open your eyes during the process, your eyes may experience stinging or watering, which will impact the effectiveness of the adhesive.

The Reveal

After your restful nap, your artist will cure the adhesive with a gentle mist of water vapor.  The mist will feel like a facial!  The purpose is to harden the adhesive and set your lashes to a beautiful finish.   When the misting is complete, you may open your eyes!  You aren’t done quite yet though.  Your artist will ask how you like them and if there is anything that you want to add or remove to make them exactly what you were looking for.


Ivy - Classic Set - $130

Ivy – Classic Set – $130

Aftercare is the single biggest gift you can give your lashes.  With improper care, some clients can lose almost all of the extensions within 2 days!  So listen up!  Your artist will cover off all the DO’s and DON’Ts with you, and give you a take-home card to help you remember.  Usually the first set takes some time figuring out your new routine, but then it becomes habit.  Once you start caring for your lashes properly, you will even find that your natural lashes become even healthier and thicker than they ever were before!


After your inital set, the first touchup is recommended within 2 weeks.  You will experience the greatest loss since you are new!  Not to worry.  Most subsequent touchups will be at 3 weeks, or even 4 weeks.  We have some regulars who let their lashes get super low and come in at 5 weeks.  Your touchup appointment should match the amount of time it has been since your last visit.  Be careful not to book a 2-3 week appointment when you haven’t been in for 5 weeks, or your artist just won’t have enough time to make you full again!

Spread the Word

Yup… you will be addicted. You will want to take lots of cards with you, and tell your friends all about lashes.  Lashes By Design has a Points system that rewards clients for visiting, and offers 100 points for every referred friend.

Enjoy your new addiction!



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