• Eyelash Extension Course $699


    If you are looking for the best way to start your career as an eyelash extension specialist, then LASHES BY DESIGN is for you! We offer a classic, full course training in just 8 hours to cover everything from extensive theory, testing and hands-on demonstrations. By completing the training on 1 in-class models and 2 models outside of class, we ensure that you properly learn all the techniques to consult and create a variety of beautiful looks on any client with our premium products.

    While many of our competitors rush you through a one-day course where you may not learn the correct beauty techniques, we have created a unique and flexible curriculum that guararantees that you will learn everything you need to master this skill on your own.   It is our experience that everyone learns how to lash at their own pace, so extra practice time is included in the course.  The course is designed to guide you through all the secrets of the trade.  We take no more than 4 students per instructor so we work closely with you to provide you with the best training possible, as our goal is to set you apart from all the other last stylists out there. Having only ONE chance to impress a new client, the skills we provide through our courses will give you the ability to turn every type of lash that you encounter into a masterpiece.

    We are so committed to the success of our trainees that we offer a 100% SUCCESS guarantee on our courses. With additional practice sessions and an open door policy to visit our studio whenever you require additional guidance, we are with you every step of the way on your journey to becoming a lash expert. With a proven track record of successfully training the next generation of lash beauticians, we often retrain former students from institutions such as Xtreme, Canadian Beauty College, hair schools and many more known beauty schools. As we ARE the experts of lash techniques, we know that we provide the right training and best products, so that you will never need to take another course again!

    Sign up for the LASHES BY DESIGN extensive 8 Hour course today and you will learn the amazing lash techniques that will last a lifetime. For just $699 you will receive the training, hands-on experience and the Professional Starter kit contains all the products you need to become a LASHES BY DESIGN Lash Artist.


    Sandra is a successful and experienced lash artist.  She started lashing from her living room, and was able to instantly transform her passion into a full time career.  She continued to seek out eductation from world master lashers, international forums, and she has completed advanced certificates from Xtreme Lashes, Beyond Beauty, Lashes By Deanna and Lash Forever.  She freely passes on everything you need to know to be able to market your new business, manage your books and schedule your clients.  She has a passion for making each and everyone of her students successful.

    Course Fee $699 including of one of our Lash Kits

    Every Sunday and Monday: 9:00 am

    Theory of Lash Extension Module

    • Introduction of Classic Lash Theory
    • Hair Theory, Allergies & Infection Control
    • Proper Application Procedures & Corrective Techniques
    • The Art of Lashes: Different Lash Lengths & Curls
    • Keys to Success: Marketing, Business Considerations, Insurance
    • Consultation of Client: Face shape, eye shape, eyebrows, eyelash length
    • Product Knowledge
    • Classic 1D Application & Creating Different Looks
    • Extension Removal and Lash Fills
    • Eyelash Shampooing & Why We Do It
    • Pricing Menu done for you
    • Troubleshooting & Lash Refill

    12 pm: lunch followed by written test

    1 pm: Practical Component Model 1:

    Introduce Damage Free lashing technique, style and design on your model (one can be provided)


    Training Guarantee:

    If you require additional practice time, we are the ONLY company that stands by our training method enough to offer unlimited training sessions.  If you are not fully confident in your ability to lash on your own, you are more than welcome to attend additional practice sessions for FREE.  Sessions must be booked, but we do a great job at making ourselves available and we want you to SUCCEED!