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by Emma Hobbs
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Marion has been in the beauty business for 27 years and in the cosmetic tattooing industry for 20 years.  She has owned a successful Hair and Beauty Salon for over 5 years, Pinups & Pompadours.  She is an accredited teacher for Microblading and Permanent Makeup at LB Design Academy too.  We managed to catch up with her and chat with her about the latest trends in Brows.

SW: What Inspired you to add microblading to your salon services?

Marion:  After seeing how permanent makeup heals over time, it was very important to me to offer my clients an option that was much more natural looking with less of a time committment than the PMU(permanent makeup).  So from a client standpoint they get beautiful brows, with next to no downtime, and are able to redesign them every few years due to the semi-permancy of microblading.  I still do permanent makeup, but microblading is by far the method of choice for my clients now.

SW: What do you find is your most popular service now?  

Marion: Extending the tails of eyebrows has become the biggest question I am getting for brow services.

SW: Who would you say is a candidate for Microblading:

Marion: Everyone from the mom-on-the-go to the older woman who is unable to do her own makeup in a consistent manner from day to day.

SW: Anything for the under 30 crowd?

Marion: Absolutely!!!  Every young woman needs a strong balanced eyebrow to frame their face.  There is no accounting for good grooming whether you were born with them or not.   Whether it is to perfect an arch, extend the tail, or thicken them up, we find almost everyone can benefit from some extra hair strokes.

SW: What trends in the eyebrow are  you seeing these days?

Marion: Strong arches, well defined, well groomed!  Ombre seems to be the fashion forward woman’s go to brow design.

SW: What should clients be asking their perspective technicians?

Marion: I would always ask to see their photos.   Look for consistent strokes and hairstrokes that blend naturally with their existing hair.  Hair placement, symmetrical brows, and overall believeability.  It should be very difficult to determine what is hair and what is the brow tattoo.  Also ask about the sanitation that they are using.

SW: How do you enjoy training?

Marion: The greatest complement a trainer can receive is her student going from extreme nervousness to excitement to quiet confidence.  Its like watching your children learn to walk then run then fly out of the nest!

SW: Has anyone ever been unable to finish the class?

Marion: We offer so much extra time and attention, even after the three days, that the students have access to their trainers to work either one on one or via skype.  Even if they were slightly struggling during their three days with me, I have always been able to coach them to success.  I had one student almost have a panic attack.

Corrective work over discolored work from another salon

Color Correction from another Salon

Microblade to add more hair strokes

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