• About Us

    Lashes by Design was nominated top Spa in 2015.  We opened our first dedicated retail outlet in downtown Whitby, located at Brock St. and Highway 2.  We began from humble beginnings doing classic lash extensions, but expanded very quickly when we discovered Russian Volume Lash Exensions in 2013, something that was not very widely offered.

    In 2014 we added the next innovation – Microblade – 3D Eyebrows.  We became an Accredited Training Center and hired a team of experienced Microblade and Permanent Makeup Artists to the team in 2014 and haven’t looked back!

    In 2015 we completely converted our product line to Lashes By Design(TM).  Using the skilled team of professionals, we tested products from Canada, Europe and around the world, and selected the longest lasting adhesive, the best organic tattoo pigment, and the softest lash extensions.  We seek continuous improvement in all that we do, and we are contantly looking for the next innovations.

    In 2016 we renovated our main store to accomodate the several training courses that we offered, and then outgrew it 3 months later… so we opened our dedicated training and distribution center and called it LB Design Academy, or LBD for short!

    The Lash and Brow Boutique now has 8 highly qualified full time lash and brow artists to provide you with the best possible service.  Appointments are preferred but walk-ins are welcome.  We service clients from all over the  Durham Region and beyond.  The eyes are the most impactful part of every woman’s face and at Lashes By Design we love to help enhance your own natural beauty. Lashes by Design can help you feel confident that you have trained and specialized experts working on your eyes.

    With over a 100 types of lashes -all varying in length, curvature and thickness, we can customize a look that matches your desire and lifestyle. In addition our lashes and adhesives are all medical-grade materials and have been rigorously tested and are safe for use around the eye.  Even for our most sensitive clients, there are specially formulated adhesives that won’t cause irritation.
    You will leave our comfortable beauty lounge with instant gratification.  Your new lashes will not harm your own natural lashes.  In order to maintain the look, we recommend touch-ups every few weeks.  Upon receiving your new full set of lashes, we’ll provide you with after-care information.
    Lashes By Design (Services): support@lashesbydesign.ca or 905-493-5900
    LB Design Academy (Training) : Training@lashesbydesign.ca or 905-493-5274 www.lbdesignacademy.com


    Sandra headshot croppedWelch: Owner and Head trainer

    Sandra started her lash business in her livingroom and has fulfilled her dream to own her own lash boutique in Downtown Whitby. She has completed four advanced training classes for eyelash extensions, microblading, lash lifts, and more.  She obtained Accreditation for the training courses in 2014 and has maintained proper certification through the Ministry of Training and Durham Health.

    When she began, she quickly realized that the current beauty courses in the market felt rushed and did not offer enough ongoing support.  Some courses did not offer practical experience on a person, and other courses required sharing a model.  With this in mind, she made it standard for all courses to offer a Guarantee – something unheard of in the industry.

    Her passion for providing the best training in the industry attracted a team of experienced beauty professionals and trainers, from Lash Artists to Permanent Makeup Artists.


    kimKim: Director of Training

    Kim comes from a long line of beauty professionals.  She has had her own company for over 20 years and is a licenced Hair Dresser and Makeup Artist.  She has brought her expertise in training and her passion to beauty to help our students achieve the best possible experience at our Academy.  Her dedication to answering questions and last minute changes is unmatched.  Don’t be shocked if she replys to your emails at 2:30 AM!

    Our student ratings have shot through through the roof and we have been able to continue to expand our premium training program.  Student’s often call after the class to thank her.






    11896045_10153165924617877_3576446666478237945_nDarcy: Lead Microblade Trainer

    Darcy started out as a lash artist and quickly excelled at her craft, but once she discovered microblading, there was no holding her back!  She worked her way up from assistant, to trainer, and now she is the Lead Trainer for microblading at LB Design Academy.  Her commitment and dedication to add Microblading will inspire new and experienced artists alike.

    Services: Microblading (3D Eyebrows)



    10849847_808638509202030_4160847189538396475_nMarion: Microblading Trainer and Permanent Makeup Trainer

    Marion is an experienced esthetician and cosmetic tattoo artist.  Her passion for her students and her education will inspire you!  She is also a contributing editor to LB Design Academy’s Microblading Training manual.  She has been featured on Roger’s television several times for her advice and information about the industry.

    Services: Microblading (3D Eyebrows) and Permanent Makeup




    Blanca: Master Microblade Artist and Trainer

    Blanca has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years.  She is a licenced esthetician.  Her passion is transforming faces using the latest innovation in semi-permanent makeup – Microblading.  Using a small hand tool, she creates, shapes, and perfects eyebrows tailored to each customer.  Her students love her innovative methods for designing the perfect eyebrow shapes that match the contours of each client’s unique face.  Her customers love that they can achieve the most realistic looking eyebrow tattoo that even their friends can’t tell is real.

    Services: Microblading – 3D Embroidery Eyebrows, Russian Volume Lash Extensions, Ellipse Lash Extensions, Classic Lash Extensions, Lash Lift, Lash Tinting, Eyebrow Tinting, Threading, Eyebrow Waxing, Eyebrow Shaping.




    Cadina: Master Lash Artist and Russian Volume Trainer

    We knew Cadina had talent from the very first time she took the lash extension course with us.  Her talent will amaze you and her super bright and uplifting personality will lift your spirits.

    Services: Russian Volume Lash Extensions, Ellipse Lash Extensions, Classic Lash Extensions, Lash Lift




     Erin: Master Lasher, Assistant Trainer

    Erin has 3 years of lashing experience.  Her mastery of lashes is evident in how quickly she picked up new concepts, like Russian Volume.  Her clients enjoy her feather touch and her designs are precise and beautiful.  Erin is the lead teacher for the Lash Lift training, as she has perfected her unique technique to this process.

    Services: Russian Volume Lash Extensions, Ellipse Lash Extensions, Classic Lash Extensions, Lash Lift, Microblading (3D Eyebrows)





    Emily: Master Lash Artist, Medical Esthetician and Beginner Lash Trainer

    Emily is a Medical Esthetician and Advanced Lash Artist.  She is well loved by her clients and has a very loyal following.  She is often complimented on her gentle touch, which allows for a relaxing experience.

    Services: Russian Volume, Ellipse Lash Extensions, Classic Lash Extensions, Lash Lift, facials, peels, waxing






    Hannah: Senior Certified Lash Artist

    Hannah is passionate about everything lashing!  She quickly mastered beginner lashing and conquered Volume lashing the following week.  While everyone can eventually learn how to lash, Hannah just seemed to have a gift.  She is now sharing her passion for lashing with her students and teaches the Beginner lash course every Saturday.

    Services: Russian Volume Lash Extensions, Ellipse Lash Extensions, Classic Lash Extensions, Lash Lift, Brow Tint, Microblading (3D Eyebrows)